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From "C. Benson Manica" <at...@sdf.lonestar.org>
Subject Re: Fixing pluginDirectory
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:10:02 GMT
On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 12:02:31PM -0700, Scott Deboy wrote:
> The mechanism we chose was to create a custom classloader which can load
> classes from any jar in the $user.dir/.chainsaw/plugins directory.

Ah, I didn't catch until now the existence of that directory.  I
appreciate you pointing it out, but I find it surprising that the
plugins directory isn't created automatically, which would have saved
me the effort of hunting for it since I do not actually need that
capability.  I also think it would be helpful for the non-observant
(such as myself) to get some descriptive text concerning the .chainsaw
directory on the web page - as it is, it is only mentioned in passing
deep within the Distribution notes, where it is easily missed.
>  - check the 'ok to remove security manager' box in Chainsaw's
> application-wide preferences screen 

If I may ask, why is this step necessary for using third-party
plugins?  The warning that is popped up when this box is checked makes
it clear that it isn't to be checked lightly.

C. Benson Manica

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