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From "Chris Cheshire" <cheshira...@gmail.com>
Subject logging to a file in a rotating directory
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 20:54:59 GMT
I want to to change my apps (command line, not web driven) over to use
log4j, instead of my current custom solution. Each app has its own log
directory "logs/YYYY/MM/DD" where the logs (myapp.log) and other
generated files are written.

The daily rolling appender isn't really what I want, as I don't want
all the logs dumped in one directory with different timestamps
appended to them. I just want to be able to generate a myapp.log in
the appropriate date directory each time the app runs, appending to
the file if it exists.

What appender do I use, and how do I configure it to do this?



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