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From Raúl Santiago <mi...@virtualsw.com>
Subject Re: ZeroConfigHubAppender error
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 10:31:40 GMT
Test done.
It worked perfectly with log4j 1.2.8. I hope this helps isolating the 

Now that I finally can use the ZeroConf feature, I have found a few 
annoyances about how Chainsaw seems to handle it:

1 - I start my app.
2 - Chainsaw detects a ZeroConf appender. I check "autoconnect" on the 
Appender new row in the ZeroConf tab. It connects ok
3 - I close my app.
4 - I start my app again, without exiting Chainsaw.

And the troubles start:
Chainsaw detects the "new" ZeroConf appender, and given the fact it's 
from the same station and name, Chainsaw "autoconnects" to it.
But... in the Receivers tree, my app appears twice, AND the log entries 
appear twice, too.
If I repeat the process from step 3, a new receiver is added every time, 
and the log entries too... really weird.
Besides, some of the receivers from the tree can be "shutted down", and 
some others not.
As result of this, my app sometimes get stuck, can't exit, and the local 
port binded until I manually terminate the process.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I using Chainsaw in a way it is not expected?

Thanks in advance... again. Your support is very appreciated.

Paul Smith escribió:

> This is odd, we're using this feature with log4j 1.2.8 in  
> production.  Maybe it's something in log4j1.2.13 that is different.   
> If you had the time, would you be able to try log4j1.2.8 temporarily  
> to confirm that works for you? (would help me isolate what I should  
> do to fix this).
> cheers,
> Paul Smith
> On 21/06/2006, at 7:19 PM, Raúl Santiago wrote:
>> I've done as suggested. It has worked smoothly, by manually  
>> configuring the Appender in the app and the Receiver in Chainsaw.
>> So, as it was just a test of the "coolness" of the ZeroConf  Chainsaw 
>> feature, I'm not desperate to make it work. I dont have to  manage 
>> dozens of apps/logs (although it would be nice to add this  feature 
>> to our JBOSS server), so I can handle the appender/receiver  configs 
>> manually.
>> But... just in case you're plenty of time to research a bit, what  
>> could be done? Should a bug be reported? Looks like a problem with  
>> the ZeroConf Appender, not easy to be resolved from the user side.
Un Saludo,
Raúl Santiago Gómez
Virtual Software S.L.

"El programador crea aplicaciones a prueba de tontos; Dios crea tontos a prueba de programadores"

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