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From "Henrik Leion XA \(LI/EAB\)" <henrik.xa.le...@ericsson.com>
Subject Log4j for manually selecting and monitoring signalling flows
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 15:45:56 GMT
I'm developing a simulator tool that creates a lot of state-machines
that performs network signalling and I need a flexible way to monitor
these state-machines, is log4J something I can use? Simulations can
scale up to 15000 messages per second and run for several days.

Because of the monstrous scale logging everything and filtering
afterwards is not possible. I want the user to be able to do stuff like
"log state-machine X" or "log all state-machines owned by object Y" and
also be able to have custom loglevels so that only certain parts of the
state-machines are printed to log.

The questions:
 - Can logging be turned on/off in runtime?
 - Can the Logger hierarchy in log4j be mapped to a runtime object
instance and its object hierarchy to log or is the Logger hierarchy
 - The 5 loglevels (INFO, WARN etc) seem fixed, but would it be hard to
add another mechanism for our own loglevels for filtering.

Many thanks,
Henrik Leion

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