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From Siegfried Goeschl <siegfried.goes...@it20one.at>
Subject Some Feedback from using Chainsaw V2 ...
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 19:10:17 GMT
Hi folks,

I started to use Chainsaw V2 in production and would like to provide 
some feedback ... very politely of course and hoping I didn't miss 
something VERY obvious  .... :-)

+) it would be helpful to use command line parameters, i.e. to open 
chainsaw with XML logfile defined on the command line
+) I think it would be also useful to have a reload button when looking 
at a XML logfile when not using Chainsaw Appender
+) how can I close a tab?!
+) is there a way to get rid of "Welcome" and "chainsaw-log" - our 
sysadmins are slightly confused ....
+) Chainsaw provides a few predefined filter, e.g "LEVEL == INFO" - I 
think "LEVEL > INFO" would be more intuitive for a user

I hope this was helpful and not offending .... ;-)


Siegfried Goeschl

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