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From Silvia Suárez <sandrea...@hotmail.com>
Subject log4j:ERROR... Please Help.
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:17:18 GMT
Dear all,

I am using the log4j package for logging with java. The file down is the 
configuration file (config-simple.properties. However next error appears 
when I am running my program:

log4j: ERROR No appenders could be found for category (sample.Myprogram2).

log4j: ERROR Please initialize the log4j System properly.

I am beggining on logging, I dont know what is the problem. Before, It was 
working and now it is not :-(

Can somebody help me?

Thanks a lot.


# This defines the logging level for the rootLogger. It is not required
# if you are going to keep the level at debug as the rootLogger by default
# is at the debug level. The value after the comma is the appender for the
# root and we have given it the name R
#log4j.rootLogger=debug, R

log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, LogFile

log4j.appender.LogFile.layout.ConversionPattern=%-5p %c{2}: %m%n


# For this simple example, we are just going to log to the console


# When logging using the ConsoleAppender, the following value tells how and
# what to log. The SimpleLayout simply logs the level of the message and
# the message itself.

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