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From "David J. M. Karlsen" <da...@davidkarlsen.com>
Subject Re: File contention
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 21:40:20 GMT
Spence, Ian (ELS-CAM) wrote:

>We are writing a Websphere based j2ee app.
>We are attempting to integrate Log4j as a logging mechanism.
>A concern we have is over file contention, especially where multiple
>instances of a session bean are attempting to Log a message via log4j. Say 5
>bean instances are active and all try to log at the same time, will this
>create a bottleneck on i/o ?  Or does Log4j handle this contention? Does
>log4j buffer the incoming messages and process the file i/o in a timely
Normally this shouldn't impose any problems. We use log4j in a 
medium-sized (by US standards) production site without problems. Use 
buffering for more optimal usage - and do *not* use location patterns 
(telling you which sourcefile and location) for production - and you 
should be OK.

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