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From Fredrik Jonson <fred...@myrealbox.com>
Subject Re: Example policies for log levels?
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 07:57:47 GMT
On 2004-12-07, Keith Hatton <khatton@axiomsystems.com> wrote:

> > I'm wondering, is there any article or document available that
> > discuss how to decide on which log levels is suitable for what kind
> > of application errors?
> Just my $0.02.  I agree with your use of FATAL, ERROR and DEBUG.
> I also use ERROR in some cases when logging something that has gone
> wrong, even though the result is predictable.

Ok, when thinking about it, to me, that'd be a WARN. I only didn't
implement it that way in my log4j trials. Doh on self. =)

> I use WARN for things that should not cause the application to fail,
> but are not the "expected" use case, and may cause unexpected (though
> correct) behaviour, or some quasi-anticipated exception conditions
> that are fully recoverable and normally down to "user error".

Seems sensible.  Thanks for your input!

Anyone else feel like pitching in? I mean, when implementing an advanced
logging service, with ready-to-use loglevels, there must have been some
motivation when choosing those loglevels? Any little hint...

Fredrik Jonson

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