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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: problems with chainsaw build
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 13:05:46 GMT

I'd like to echo Curt's words. There was a bug in our Ant build.xml
file due to the counter-intuitive way Ant handles dependencies and
their conditions.


Q: I have a target I want to skip if a property is set, so I have
   unless="property" as an attribute of the target, but all the targets
   this target depends on are still executed. Why?

A: The list of dependencies is generated by Ant before any of the targets
    are run. This allows dependent targets, such as an init target, to set
    properties that can control the execution of the targets higher in the
    dependency graph. This is a good thing.

    However, when your dependencies break down the higher-level task into
    several smaller steps, this behavior becomes counter-intuitive. There
    are a couple of solutions available:

   - Put the same condition on each of the dependent targets.

   - Execute the steps using <antcall>, instead of specifying them inside
     the depends attribute.

The fix is in plain view for everyone to see: "Put the same condition
on each of the dependent targets."

Thus, the remedy consists of changing the line

   <target name="chainsaw.jar" depends="build">


   <target name="chainsaw.jar" depends="build" if="chainsaw-libraries-present">

In other words, simply repeating the condition for the
"build.chansaw" target would have sufficed.

Scott, may I propose to revert your changes to the RuleFactory class?
I think instanciation by introspection introduces unnecessary
complexity in this case.

At 04:37 AM 12/16/2004, Curt Arnold wrote:

>On Dec 15, 2004, at 8:15 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
>>I just did an "ant clean" then an "ant jar" and the chainsaw jar DOES 
>>contain LogUI.
>>So unless the local environment is missing something that is preventing 
>>it from building all of Chainsaw (maybe regexp library not there?).
>>Curt, maybe you could email me or Scott the jar that gets built, along 
>>with the output of whatever "ant jar" gives you.
>The partial chainsaw jar only occurs when chainsaw-libraries-present is 
>not set.  In that case, the body of the build.chainsaw task is skipped due 
>to the if condition not being set.  However, chainsaw.jar doesn't have the 
>same if condition so its body will be executed regardless of the state of 
>chainsaw-libraries-present.  The easiest way to reproduce it is to rename 
>your build.properties so jakarta-oro is not located (might need to make 
>sure it is off the classpath too).
>I had not been trying to build chainsaw and had not set a build.properties 
>file since it is not necessary to build a functional log4j.
>One approach would be to add the if condition to the chainsaw.jar task, so 
>that if the body of build.chainsaw is skipped the body of the chainsaw.jar 
>task is skipped.   Adding that condition would result in only log4j.jar 
>being created under the conditions described.
>The other would be to fail build.chainsaw if the libraries were 
>missing.  To build just log4j.jar, you would need to build the log4j.jar 
>p.s. Ant FAQ on if and unless not affecting dependent tasks:

Ceki Gülcü

   The complete log4j manual: http://qos.ch/log4j/

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