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From "Kevin A. Burton" <bur...@newsmonster.org>
Subject Re: Custom subject with SMTPAppender?
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2004 03:44:05 GMT
Ceki Gülcü wrote:

> At 12:34 AM 12/22/2004, Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>> Yeah... thats awesome too.  I need the full stack trace in some 
>> situations though.
>> Mostly when I have a situation that isn't an exception but I want to 
>> know when it happens so I can see what triggered it.
> As far as I understand it and from looking at the code, %throwable 
> only prints Exceptions generated by the application/user However, 
> printing one, two or more lines of stack (in the absence of a 
> Exception generated by the user) can accomplished without too much 
> trouble. Someone has to write the code...
> As you say, that would be a very useful feature.

How about this... if the %throwable isn't defined we generate one?  Is 
that a bad overloading of the %throwable behavior you think?

I can supply a patch if necessary.  I really want this feature.



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