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From Davor Cengija <davor.ceng...@mail.inet.hr>
Subject Gzip rolled logs
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 08:17:52 GMT
I had a need to gzip daily- and size- rolled files so I developed a simple
DeflatedDailyRollingFileAppender and DeflatedRollingFileAppender. It's
fully compatible with the exiting rolling appenders. Now I have some
additional feature requests, such as to move the gzipped file to another
directory or to start deflating procedure in another thread. Nothing
special, but I'd like to avoid it if there are some alrealy available

So, the questions are:
- Does log4j already support log file deflating? I couldn't find anything
related to it.
- Is there a broader need for deflated rolling file appenders? I'd gladly
donate my code to log4j. In that case, some serious rewriting is needed,
but nothing unachievable.

I realize that this question would fit better in log4j-devel group, but I
just cannot stand those cvs commit messages :-)

Anyway, please advise :-)

Davor Cengija, dcengija_IQ_Filter_@inet.hr

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