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From "Schuhmacher, Bret" <Bret.Schuhmac...@Aspect.com>
Subject Docs for SNMPTrapAppender?
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 05:31:44 GMT
I'm having a difficult time sending v2c traps via SNMPTrapAppender from
http://www.m2technologies.net/.  Let me restate that - my IBM NetView
person tells me that the v2 traps I'm sending are getting kicked out of
NetView because they're not v2c (I have to assume they're v2u, but I'm a
total SNMP neophyte :-( ).

I've tried both JoeSNMP and WengSoft and I cannot get a v2c trap
built/sent.  Is it possible to send v2c using this trap appender and
either JoeSNMP or WengSoft?  Can anyone point me to more documentation
than I found with the SNMPTrapAppender?  I'm pretty sure it's a
configuration issue on my end...  A working properties file configured
for v2c would be excellent!

Thanks! :-)

Bret A. Schuhmacher                             voice:  423.837.7563
Sr. Architect, Aspect Professional Services     eMail:
Aspect Communications

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