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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: log4j 1.2.8 and Chainsaw v2
Date Sat, 15 May 2004 10:24:39 GMT
At 09:23 AM 5/14/2004, you wrote:
>I've updated the LoggingEvent serialization code, which should resolve 
>this issue.
>Download the latest version of log4j from CVS and you should be able to 
>use Chainsaw V2 to view log4j 1.2.8 socketappender-generated events.

Thanks for responding to Philip's request so quickly. However, I don't 
think maintaining serialization compatibility is feasible in the medium 
term (i.e. by the time 1.3.0 comes out) but time will tell.

As a small reminder of the complexity of this issue, the current change 
imposes the field name 'categoryName' on 1.4 as well (if we want to 
preserve serialization compatibility between 1.3 and 1.4).

Anyway, thanks for fixing the problem.

>-----Original Message-----
>From:   Lawrence, Philip [mailto:Philip.Lawrence@icn.siemens.com]
>Sent:   Thu 5/13/2004 1:24 PM
>To:     'log4j-user@jakarta.apache.org'
>Subject:        log4j 1.2.8 and Chainsaw v2
>    Is it possible to send events from a program using log4j version 1.2.8 to
>Chainsaw v2?  I'm trying to do this with no luck.  It works OK with the
>from log4j 1.2.8.
>    My log4jInit.XML file has the following appender for Chainsaw:
>             <appender name="CHAINSAW_CLIENT"
>                 <param name="RemoteHost" value="localhost"/>
>                 <param name="Port" value="4445"/>
>             </appender>
>I start Chainsaw v2 first.  It starts up, displays a warning popup - "You
>have no Receivers defined...".
>I choose "Let me use a simple Receiver:" - SocketReceiver, port 4445.  I
>then start my program with
>DEBUG messages enabled.  My program gives this error:
>         log4j:WARN Detected problem with connection:
>java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket write
>In Chainsaw v2, I get this event:
>         Level   ERROR
>         Logger  org.apache.log4j.net.SocketNode
>         Time    2004-05-13 16:21:36,076
>         Thread  Thread-1
>         Message         Unexpected exception. Closing connecition.
>         NDC     null
>         Class
>         Method
>         Line
>         File
>         Properties      {{log4jid,1}}
>         Throwable       java.lang.NullPointerException at
>org.apache.log4j.CategoryKey. (CategoryKey.java:29) at
>org.apache.log4j.Hierarchy.getLogger(Hierarchy.java:425) at
>org.apache.log4j.Hierarchy.getLogger(Hierarchy.java:407) at
>org.apache.log4j.plugins.Receiver.doPost(Receiver.java:105) at
>org.apache.log4j.net.SocketReceiver.doPost(SocketReceiver.java:397) at
>org.apache.log4j.net.SocketNode.run(SocketNode.java:143) at
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
>- Phil
>Philip Lawrence
>Siemens Network Convergence LLC
>271 Mill Road
>Chelmsford, MA   01824

Ceki Gülcü

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