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From "Jitesh_Arya" <Jitesh_A...@infosys.com>
Subject Adding an abstraction level
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 06:19:04 GMT
Hi, this is my first mail to this mailing list and it's not been long
since I subscribed to it. So, please forgive if I sound really stupid
putting forth my question(s).
What we have done is we have added another level of abstraction between
the application (some web app) developer and the log4j. We have written
class that imports log4j and other classes that are required for logging
and written our own functions without any added functionality. That is,
my debug will in turn
call log4j's debug method. Another thing that has been added is: the
isDebugEnabled () check before debug () of log4j is called. And
similarly, isEnabledfor(level)
for other levels. Now, my questions:
1)      Is this added level of abstraction advisable?
2)      Does the check before the call to log4j method serve any purpose
(here in my case) in reducing the cost? This (in normal cases, not here)
does prevent the cost of parameter construction when implemented in
application directly (this I understand). But here, the parameters will
be constructed, (so no savings on that side) when call is made to the
debug () or any other method that we have implemented. So, you see
anything here (diamond or just coal)?
A heavy lot of thanks in ADVANCE:-)

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