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From "Milind Rao" <mili...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: Comments and Questions section of your book
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 08:58:15 GMT
On a related topic, I was going to buy the book, but was wondering if a newer edition will
be released shortly with 
changes in log4j 1.3.  One thing I hate is reading a technical book and then having to read
it all over again, because 
some stuff changed in how I should go about.  Can't be helped in our field except in a case
like this with a new version 
imminent.  I'm especially interested in the adapters and the JDBCAppender which may change.

On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:09:27 +0200, Ceki Glc wrote:

>I could have indeed dwelled more on SocketAppender and discussed the 
>SockerServer application instead of just SimpleSocketServer. I believe 
>SockerServer was omitted because it was considered as uninteresting and/or 
>too technical. Indeed, SockerServer relies on multiple LoggerRepository 
>instances, a concept introduced only in later chapters. Anyway, I am taking 
>note of your comment and will accommodate your request in later editions.
>As for your message, if it was sent on the mailing list than it should be 
>in the archives. We do not remove or censor messages, except what is 
>blatantly spam devoid of any relation to log4j or logging.
>At 09:10 AM 8/6/2003 +0100, craig ryan wrote:
>>Hello Ceki,
>>I did not see a response to this from you, I'm quite interested to know if 
>>this is an area you intend to cover in future publications? I also cannot 
>>locate my first email on the log4j archive, has it been removed for some 
>>>Hello Ceki,
>>>I have just obtained a copy of your log4j book (Feb 2003, first edition) 
>>>with a specific interest in remote logging. I'm curious to know why the 
>>>book briefly covers SocketAppender while offering little discussion of 
>>>possible server side implementations beyond mention of the command line 
>>>driven SimpleSocketServer example? Similarly, I noticed SocketNode and 
>>>SocketServer classes in the 1.2.8 javadoc though no mention of either in 
>>>the book, at least not in the index or any of the sections of the book 
>>>which I've covered so far. Perhaps I've missed them, any pointers to the 
>>>relevent material would be appreciated.
>>>BTW, under http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/docs/api/
>>>the sample XML file links under  org.apache.log4j.xml.examples.XMLSample 
>>>do not appear to be valid links at present.
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