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From Hancke Patrick <Patrick.Han...@siemens.com>
Subject log4j: dump wrap-around buffer of all log messages
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:09:44 GMT
Dear log4j users,

Currently I'm evaluating log4j 1.2.8 to replace an other Java Trace package
(see http://visibleworkings.com/trace/) in our applications. Log4j's big
advantage is its performance, but still I'm missing a feature that is
present in the Java Trace package: the ability to dump a wrap-around buffer
of, let's say, the last 500 log messages in the log file.

The wrap-around buffer (think of it as an array of let's say 500 log
messages) contains at any moment, the last 500 log messages. The idea is
that the logger has 2 log levels: one which determines what level is present
in the log file (or std out or whatever), another which determines at what
level the internal wrap-around buffer is filled with messages. This way, it
is possible to let your application log at level INFO, while the internal
buffer keeps all messages of level DEBUG or higher. When an exception is
thrown, the user should have the ability to request a dump of the buffer,
such that the more detailed DEBUG messages are also present in the log file
to make debugging more easy.

Is this possible in log4j? If not, has anyone a workaround for this or
should I ask for a feature request?

Kind regards,
Patrick Hancke
Siemens Atea IC D BS PD2
tel ++32(0)14 - 25 24 27
fax ++32(0)14 - 25 30 25

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