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From Larry Young <lyo...@dalmatian.com>
Subject Re: discreet log types
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 21:49:30 GMT

         That's an interesting way of looking at logger types!  But how 
would that allow me to enable/disable log messages for a particular 
class?  One of the features I need is the ability to specify that a 
particular class should display a particular type of log message (or 
possibly more than one).  This would appear to only let me set the message 
type system wide.  Did I miss something?

--- regards ---

At 11:10 PM 8/14/03 +0200, you wrote:

>If it can run, it can also walk!
>I think the existing system can be made to closely simulate the behavior 
>you describe.
>Here is how:
>- Set the root logger to the level OFF.
>- Name your loggers as "fatal", "error", "timing", "CodeBlock", 
>"ControlPoint", "DBAccess", "Info", etc. Set their levels to OFF when you 
>create them.
>- Whenever you can any of the above loggers, call it with the same 
>printing metdod, say info(Object message) of the org.apache.log4j.Logger class.
>To enable a "type" set its level to INFO or above. To disable it, set its 
>level to DEBUG or lower. Assuming the "type" names do not contain dot 
>('.') characters, the "types" will be independent.
>Do I need to continue?
>At 04:25 PM 7/30/2003 -0700, Larry Young wrote:
>>         I'm looking at creating a logging package for our applications 
>> (web & non-web).   The reason for yet-another-logger is that I want 
>> discreet logging types, not hierarchical levels.  I've built this kind 
>> of a package before for previous projects, and ended up building the 
>> whole thing because I didn't think log4j could do what I wanted (that 
>> was several years ago).  Now I'm building another one, and looking at 
>> the current version of log4j, and having read much of Ceki's book (which 
>> I highly recommend!), I'm thinking that there's got to be a way of 
>> re-configuring (bending?) log4j to do what I need.  I don't think it's 
>> that far off.
>>         Basically, I want to be able to enable/disable logging for a 
>> particular class or package by type, and each type is totally 
>> independent of every other type.  Some examples of types might 
>> be:  Fatal, Error, Timing, CodeBlock, ControlPoint, DBAccess, Info, 
>> etc.  There is no implicit "ordering" between these various types, so 
>> "levels" are inappropriate. What I want to be able to do is to turn 
>> on/off each type independently, so that I can turn on Timing without 
>> having to also turn on Info, or be able to turn on CodeBlock without 
>> turning on Error.  I also want the users of my package to be able to 
>> define additional types and register them with the logger at runtime 
>> (via code or xml ???).  Oh yeah, I also need to have the logger reload 
>> the config file (or some portion of it) on a regular basis so that we 
>> can change the enabled types without bouncing the app-server or 
>> restarting the application.
>>         I was thinking if I tried to tie all my "types" to a single 
>> "level", and did something with the log-level filtering to 
>> enable/disable by package or class, that would get me close.  I'm not 
>> sure how I'd tie in the "type".  I'd probably have to programatically 
>> update the log-level filters with updates to handle config changes at runtime.
>>         Thoughts, ideas, concerns???    Any comments are gratefully 
>> accepted!  :)
>>--- regards ---
>>Larry Young
>>The Dalmatian Group
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Larry Young
The Dalmatian Group

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