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From Larry Young <lyo...@dalmatian.com>
Subject discreet logging types - revisited
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 19:09:31 GMT
Hi all,

         Well, I'm still looking at how to use discreet logging types 
instead of the Level to control what messages are "enabled".  The 
difficulty resides in the need to enable/disable certain log types by 
package/class name.  BTW, I posted my original message on 7/30/03 if you 
are interested.

         Basically, the way I've always built logging systems is by 
defining a set of discreet types to be used by the developers, and then 
allowed those types to be enabled/disabled individually.  Unfortunately the 
"level" concept is fairly hard-wired into log4j.  I say "unfortunately" not 
because levels are bad, but because there is no way to expand or get-around 
them with an alternate approach.  Actually, levels can be viewed as a set 
of discreet types with an implicit ordering/relationship between them, but 
in log4j, there is no way to control the relationship test.

         Before I go on too much (which I do!), is there anyone else who is 
interested in discussing the idea of replacing the "level" with "discreet 
types" in the log4j package??  Basically I'm at a point where I need to 
make some decisions regarding how to proceed.  If other members are 
interested in pursuing this idea, then I'll explore the idea of modifying 
the Logger classes (et. al.) to replace the level with types, with the 
intention of folding those changes back into the product.  But if no one is 
interested, I'll just make some small mods to Logger for my own purposes 
and handle it as a "one-off" type situation.  In either case, I intend to 
move forward with log4j!  It has many features which I'm planning to use in 
the future (like that IMAppender being discussed!!).  Mostly its a matter 
of whether I do a complete implementation to replace levels, or just a 
quick fix to solve my problems.

         Thoughts, comments ???  Ceki, as one of the main champions for 
log4j, do you have any input?

--- regards ---

Larry Young
The Dalmatian Group

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