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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Bitmasked loggers
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 13:24:26 GMT
At 07:43 05.12.2002 -0500, Joseph Ottinger wrote:
>Ceki, I don't think I submitted an indea for bitmasked logging to Log4J,
>although I may have - it's not really an idea I can claim as my own, as
>shown by your own considerations.

OK, my mistake.

>I'm aware that Log4J can do something similar to a bitmasked logger. I use
>Log4J daily; it's a good product. (I bought your book!)

Thank you.

>I think it's
>typically more appropriate to increase the *vertical* space (by providing
>more detail in logging capability for a given logger) than it is to
>increase the *horizontal* space (by creating new categories and loggers,
>which involves a lot of object creation).

I must admit that I haven't given much thought to enhancing the
vertical space. I tend to view levels and loggers as just
dimensions. Moreover, thought-experiments show that adding new
dimensions can be both economical and useful. The major problem is to
keep it simple enough to explain to a new log4j user.

>I was using Log4J as an example of where the JCP needed to improve things,
>instead of using them as they were. I realise that's often counter to the
>concept of the JCP itself (which is to take existing projects, allow the
>interested parties to improve them, and integrate them) but I think that
>runs counter to the overall improvement of Java.

I think Sun wasted much of its credibility by pushing not-so-standard
standards. People will eventually wake up to this fact.  Although you
probably did not make any new friends at Sun, your article will help
people come to that realization. Thanks for having had the courage to
write it.

BTW, you might find the following article relevant:



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