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From Benoit Voisin <benoit.voi...@ergoidp.dk>
Subject RE: [no class and line will logged]
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 10:37:36 GMT
It might also be caused by the JVM you are using. Some JVM (like the Oracle
one, ojvm) do not format the stack trace correctly => Log4j is not able to
use it to find the location. Try the Sun JVM.


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From: Thomas Muller [mailto:ttm@online.no]
Sent: 15 August 2002 12:17
To: Log4J Users List
Subject: RE: [no class and line will logged]

Make sure that you compile the application with the debug info intact. If
you use Sun's compiler, the -g option controls this.

Also, some appenders require the locationInfo parameter to be set to "true"
to carry over class/method/line information.

Last, JIT compilation might optimize location information away, so make sure
that you run the VM in pure interpreted modus (at least during debugging).
Sun's 1.4 VM for win2k controls this with the -X option. For interpreted
mode, use -Xint.

Hope this helps.



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 | From: mabue@localhost.localdomain [mailto:mabue@localhost.localdomain]On
 | Behalf Of Marco Buchler
 | Sent: 15 August 2002 13:09
 | To: log4j-user@jakarta.apache.org
 | Subject: [no class and line will logged]
 | hi,
 | i've a little problem.
 | my conversionpattern includes the "(%F:%L)"-string.  all logs will so
 | log the file und the line. but when i tried this now just one class do
 | this not. this will loggs (?:?) instead of for example (MyClass:3).
 | Where is the problem???
 | thanks for helping.
 | marco
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