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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: LocationInfo bug
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:20:41 GMT
Hi Steve,

It's a well known issue. See LOG4J_HOME/examples/subclass/MyLogger.java 
(the comment before the FCQN variable.)

At 11:22 27.06.2002 -0500, Ebersole, Steven wrote:
>There is a real subtle bug in LocationInfo which can cause log4j itself to
>skip stack frames.
>It has to do with how the stack trace is searched.  In the current
>LocationInfo.java at line 111, the following is executed:
>     ibegin = s.lastIndexOf(fqnOfCallingClass);
>where 'fqnOfCallingClass' is suppoed to be the Category or Logger or custom
>wrapper initiating the logging event.
>Now consider the following stack trace from my custom classes (made by
>uncommenting line 101 in LocationInfo.java):
>s is [java.lang.Exception
>         at tests.misc.Logger.debug(Logger.java:51)
>         at tests.misc.Logger.debug(Logger.java:46)
>         at tests.misc.LoggerGenerator.main(LoggerGenerator.java:84)
>In my custom classes, my wrapper is tests.misc.Logger so that initial search
>(line 111) is really doing:
>     ibegin = s.lastIndexOf( "tests.misc.Logger" );
>Of course that also matches "tests.misc.LoggerGenerator" which is the last
>line and so no location info is logged when I run this.
>The simple work around I did was to modify line 111 as follows:
>     ibegin = s.lastIndexOf( " " + fqnOfCallingClass + "." );
>The leading space ensures that the above test would not also match
>Steve Ebersole
>IT Integration Engineer
>Vignette Corporation
>Visit http://www.vignette.com
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