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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: Internationalization/ResourceBundles in messages?
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 12:58:21 GMT
At 11:35 14.06.2002 +0200, Benoit Voisin wrote:
>It would have been much simpler to use internationalization directly in the
>utility class or using the l7dlog. That is sure.
>But in our case it would not have fit, for two main reasons:
>  - we want the user to choose which language he/she wants to see the logs to
>be displayed (even days after the logs have been generated)

Thank you for these clarifications, I understand better now. Your
requirement is conceptually similar to the way Windows NT EventLogging
handles messages.  It also fits into the more general problem of reading
and interpreting log files after the fact, possibly in a locale
dependent manner.

In accordance with the principle of modularity, this is best achieved
without modifying existing log4j structure but by grafting additional
capability on top of it.

>  - to each message, we can have more then one simple single line text. We
>want the user to be able to see a long explanation (several lines, possibly
>in HTML) and some troubleshooting information, each with parameters
>embedded. It choosen not to store all this explanation+troubleshooting text
>in the log file (too much space), but just in an external ResourceBundle
>like structure, and store the just the messagecode+parameters in the log
>I hope it was somewhat clear,

Indeed it was.

>PS: thanks for your great job Ceki, we really appriciate it.

You are welcome. I do not deserve all the credit as we have many
other contributors. For instance, Mark Womack has put significant
amount of work, very good work I might add, into the log4j project.


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