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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Centralized Logging class and the State of Log4J
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 21:30:12 GMT
At 15:55 18.02.2002 -0500, Adam Krieg wrote:
>I'm considering using Log4J for a new project, but have some questions about
>it that I need to be answered before I make my decision.  I'm interested in
>having a single logging class that client classes can call just by writing:
>MyLogger.debug(this,"log statement");
>I'm passing in a reference to the object in order to keep track of who's
>calling the logger, so that the logger can print out that info, if needed.
>There will be one configuration for the whole application, which will get
>set in this MyLogger class.  But in reading the documentation, it seems that
>every class that wants to use the logger has to get an instance of
>Category/Logger along the ways of
>static Category = Category.getInstance("MyClassName");  ?
>If so, that will be a pain when Category gets thrown out the window in a
>year.  I'll have to change Category.getInstance to Logger.getLogger all over
>the place and use Level instead of Priority and a whole bunch of other
>stuff.  I would like to wrap up all this log4J API specific stuff in one
>class so when 2003 rolls around, I'm not in global search and replace mode
>all over my code.
>This brings me to my second question.  I would use version 1.2, but was put
>off by the statement:Log4j version 1.2 is not feature-complete, nor is the
>documentation up to date, so I hesitated to use it.  On the other hand it is
>obvious that changes on a very fundamental level (Priority vs Level,
>Category vs Logger) are occurring going from 1.1 to 1.2, so what is a
>developer to do?  What is everybody else doing with this?

Cognizant of these problems the intention is to get log4j 1.2 out the door
in the next few weeks. I am currently concentrating on bug fixes and test
cases putting feature enhancements on hold.  Regards, Ceki

ps: Log4j 1.3 is going to be really cool. :-)

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