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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Best pratice for using Log4j, EJB, Struts, and WebLogic 6.1 together
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 22:08:24 GMT

We are also using WL 6.1 but without JSPs (servlets+velocity instead). We do exactly the same
as Donnie and it works very well. Regards, Ceki

At 14:27 05.02.2002 -0500, DONNIE HALE wrote:
>We have pretty much that exact environment, though we are keeping separate log files for
the web app and the EJB app.
>We put our log4j config file (which specifies both appenders and category hierarchies
for us) in an "etc" directory within the .ear file. We put log4j.jar in a "lib" directory
within the .ear file. To get those things in the classpath, we specify a "Class-Path:" attribute
in our EJB .jar file's manifest:
>        Class-Path: lib/log4j.jar etc/
>WebLogic's classloader setup for an .ear-file deployment ensures that the log4j stuff
is in the classpath for both the EJBs and the web app. See:
>As far as threading, singletons, etc., we've encountered no problems in our app. We have
a couple of classes to which we provide singleton access in the EJB container. We don't use
any non-final statics for obvious reasons. We also have a thread-local class which we use
to provide central access to a few thread-local items.
>Hope that helps,
>>>> eric.ma@db.com 02/05/02 01:27PM >>>
>Environment: WebLogic 6.1 SP1, Struts 1.0.1, and Log4j 1.1.3.  Application is deployed
as a single .ear file in a single WebLogic instance.  log4j.jar is in the EJB classloader's
classpath, not the WebLogic classpath nor the web app's classloader classpath.
>Scenario:  I want to be able to use Log4j in JSP custom tag handlers, servlets (Struts
action classes to be exact) and EJB's.
>What I have done so far:  used a startup servlet to do Log4j configuration for servlets
logging.  The config file is under the web app's WEB/INF directory.  Separately, I used a
factory class with static methods to configure Log4j for EJB logging, and for this I have
to use a replicate of the configuration file but outside the .ear file.  I use a RFAppender
for logging output.
>What I want to achieve: configure Log4j once for the WebLogic instance, not for EJB's
and servlets separately, and I want to put the configuration file in the .ear file, not outside
>Other general questions: do you see any major problems with regard to threading, singleton,
and static classes in a EJB container environment?
>Any suggestion is greatly welcome.
>Eric Ma

Ceki Gülcü

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