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From "Ajay Dhanawade" <ajaykuma...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: How to load a config (XML format) file at the Weblogic6.0sp1?.....
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:51:02 GMT
Hi Thomas,

My apology to you for not using his correct name.

And thanx for the poniters. Would try and implement the suggestion


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>From: "Thomas Tuft Muller" <ttm@online.no>
>Reply-To: <ttm@online.no>
>To: "LOG4J Users Mailing List" <log4j-user@jakarta.apache.org>
>Subject: RE: How to load a config (XML format) file at the 
>Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 15:19:26 +0100
>| If your project demands Async Appender usage or something similar ..Then
>| What is the workaround ?
>There are no "work-arounds" for using async-appenders in conjunction with
>PropertyConfigurator besides implementing it yourself (if not anyone else
>have done it, which I doubt).
>You find examples of log4j XML config files in
><log4j>\src\java\org\apache\log4j\xml\examples. 'sample5.xml' shows how to
>use async-appender.
>| Has anybody used AsyncAppender with a XML format
>| config file?
>There are hundreds, maybe thousands of log4j users out there, the chances
>are pretty good that some of them use the async-appender. I know I do.
>| Also Tom the -Dlog4j.configuration=c:\log4j.properties Talks about
>| .properties file. Can this be used for log4j.xml file
>>From the user manual under 'Default Initialization Procedure': "The
>PropertyConfigurator will be used to parse the URL to configure log4j 
>the URL ends with the ".xml" extension, in which case the DOMConfigurator
>will be used."
>| and if so, where
>| should be the dtd's and XSL kept?
>They are located in <log4j>\src\java\org\apache\log4j\xml (and of course
>included in the log4j.jar).
>Hope this helps,
>PS I) Note that all mailing-list postings should be kept in plain-text 
>PS II) If you insist on referring to me by my first name, then please use 
>correct name.
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