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From "David Schultz" <dschu...@atstransportation.com>
Subject PropertyConfigurator.configure method in J2EE
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 20:08:40 GMT
If I understand the documentation and discussion threads properly, the
configure method of the PropertyConfigurator class should only be called
once be JVM.  (Multiple calls result in multiple occurences of output data
in the logs.)

So, when using a J2EE server, where is the appropriate place for putting the
configure call?

(From the documentation, it is clear how to setup the Tomcat servlet engine
to only configure once.  A program with a main() is obvious.  However, about
the only thing I have seen for J2EE is to have a stateless session bean for
performing the configure.  I guess this would be something done by an
administrator once the server was brought up.  However, it seems like there
should be a cleaner way.)

On a related note, I don't see people talking about the shutdown method of
the Category class.  Are people just assuming that is okay to let an
application terminate without closing any open output streams?  Again, with
a main() this is obvious.  Although this doesn't seem to be discussed for
Tomcat or J2EE servers.

David W. Schultz
AT&S Transportation, LLC: (704) 529-6300 x 125

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