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From Michael Rimov <rim...@centercomp.com>
Subject Multiple Logging Applications?
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 00:33:46 GMT
Hello All,

We're integrating log4j into the Expresso servlet framework.      We're 
using the DOMConfigurator.  What I would like to do is have each 
application built on top of the framework have it's own XML file describing 
the categories it uses,  and at the same time referring to the appenders 
that Expresso already defines.  With this goal we could have in the 
configuration directory:



Each an xml file built on top of the expressoLog.  Does anybody know what 
the best way to go about this would be?

As a side note, I notice that Xerces looks in the current working directory 
for the log4j dtd.  Anybody know how to force Xerces to look in a 
particular directory for the files?  [I don't want to have to hardcode a 
file:// URL into the configuration files]

Finally, is there any way to change the DOCTYPE from Configuration to 
something like LOG4JConfiguration or LOGConfiguration.... something less 
common so there are no name clashes with other "Configuration" DOCTYPES?

Thank you very much for your assistance in these matters!

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