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From Gary Gregory <garydgreg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Log4j 2.7-rc2
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 06:46:43 GMT
Depending on the Core's util package is a Bad Idea™


On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 11:31 PM, Steffen Offermann <
steffen.offermann@aixigo.de> wrote:

> This is the constant that has been removed:
>     /**
>      * Line separator.
>      */
>     public static final String LINE_SEPARATOR =
> PropertiesUtil.getProperties().getStringProperty("line.separator",
>             "\n");
> The file is
>     ./log4j-core/src/main/java/org/apache/logging/log4j/core/uti
> l/Constants.java
> Regards,
>   Steffen
> On 10/06/2016 08:27 AM, Steffen Offermann wrote:
>> We are getting build errors now, because Constants.LINE_SEPARATOR has
>> been removed.
>> On 10/06/2016 05:48 AM, Ralph Goers wrote:
>>> Here is my +1
>>> Ralph
>>> On Oct 2, 2016, at 1:11 PM, Ralph Goers <ralph.goers@dslextreme.com
>>>> <mailto:ralph.goers@dslextreme.com>> wrote:
>>>> This is a vote to release Log4j 2.7, the next version of the Log4j 2
>>>> project.
>>>> Please download, test, and cast your votes on the log4j developers list.
>>>> [] +1, release the artifacts
>>>> [] -1, don't release because...
>>>> The vote will remain open for 72 hours (or more if required). All votes
>>>> are welcome and we encourage everyone to test the release, but only Logging
>>>> PMC votes are “officially” counted. As always, at
>>>> least 3 +1 votes and more positive than negative votes are required.
>>>> Changes in this version include:
>>>> New features:
>>>> o LOG4J2-1578:  RoutingAppender can be configured with scripts. Add
>>>> Script in a Routes element.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1597:  Add a ScriptAppenderSelector to create an Appender
>>>> specified by a Script.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1349:  (GC) Added support for garbage-free ThreadContext map.
>>>> Disabled by default, users need to enable this explicitly.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1447:  (GC) Changed LogEvent's internal data structure for
>>>> context data to be garbage-free. Added method LogEvent#getContextData(),
>>>> deprecated method #getContextMap().
>>>> o LOG4J2-1010:  Users can now inject context data from other sources
>>>> than ThreadContext. Values can be any Object, not just Strings. Thanks to
>>>> Mikael Ståldal.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1568:  Added support for java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue
>>>> to AsyncAppender.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1430:  Added optional support for Conversant
>>>> DisruptorBlockingQueue in AsyncAppender. Thanks to John Cairns.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1439:  Added optional support for JCTools MPSC bounded
>>>> lock-free queue in AsyncAppender. Thanks to Anthony Maire.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1558:  SocketAppender now supports IO buffering.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1557:  Add a Builder for the SocketAppender (deprecates
>>>> factory method).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1609:  Add a Builder to ServletAppender and deprecate factory
>>>> method.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1553:  AbstractManager now implements AutoCloseable.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1528:  Added ability to generate Log4j 2-style XML
>>>> configuration file from ConfigurationBuilder.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1181:  Added Logging API for Scala 2.10 and 2.11.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1512:  Added options to exclude stack trace from JSON, XML and
>>>> YAML layouts.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1539:  Added Core API Configurator.shutdown(LoggerContext,
>>>> long, TimeUnit).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1501:  FileAppender is now able to create files on-demand.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1504:  RollingFileAppender is now able to create files
>>>> on-demand.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1471:  [PatternLayout] Add an ANSI option to %xThrowable.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1472:  org.apache.logging.log4j.core.LoggerContext now
>>>> implements Closeable.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1458:  [PatternLayout] Add an ANSI option to %message.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1505:  Create a Builder for the FileAppender plugin to
>>>> facilitate adding attributes in the future.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1507:  Allow Builders to be completely generic.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1508:  Allow a Builder to subclass another Builder.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1516:  Add ThreadContextMap2 interface supporting method
>>>> putAll(Map<String, String>). Thanks to Gary Gregory.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1519:  Add ThreadContext.putAll(Map<String, String>).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1520:  Add JUnit Rule implementations to manage the thread
>>>> context.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1547:  The Core AbstractConfiguration now tracks its
>>>> LoggerContext and add Configuration.getLoggerContext().
>>>> o LOG4J2-1540:  The Core AbstractManager now tracks its LoggerContext.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1577:  Add a Builder to the RoutingAppender and deprecate
>>>> factory method.
>>>> Fixed Bugs:
>>>> o LOG4J2-1618:  Fixed ClassCastException when using JUL logging during
>>>> shutdown. Thanks to Raman Gupta.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1620:  2.7-rc1: RollingFileAppender immediateFlush default
>>>> value should be true, not false. Thanks to Sascha Scholz.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1611:  Improved performance of context data injector for web
>>>> applications to be on par with standalone applications.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1591:  Introduced new interface LifeCycle2 with
>>>> stop(long,TimeUnit) method to avoid breaking backwards compatibility with
>>>> new Configurator.shutdown(LoggerContext, long, TimeUnit) API.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1590:  Fixed issue with filters extending AbstractFilter that
>>>> did not override methods with unrolled varargs.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1583:  Fixed scrambled log messages triggered by nested
>>>> logging from toString() method of a logging parameter object. Thanks to
>>>> Larry West.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1259:  Log4j threads are no longer leaking on Tomcat shutdown.
>>>> Thanks to Misagh Moayyed, Steffen Offermann.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1051:  When starting on Google App Engine, Interpolator now
>>>> suppresses the NoClassDefFoundError stack trace  for the jvmrunargs lookup.
>>>> Thanks to Lukasz Lenart.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1582:  When initializing on platforms where JMX is not
>>>> available, Interpolator component no longer prints stack trace for warning
>>>> messages.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1581:  Unregistering JMX components no longer prints a stack
>>>> trace when the MBean has already been unregistered.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1313:  Support Property values to be specified in
>>>> configuration as a value attribute as well as an element. Thanks to Philipp
>>>> Knobel, Leon Finker.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1575:  (GC) LoggerConfig now stores configuration properties
>>>> in a List, not a Map to prevent creating temporary Iterator objects. Added
>>>> method LoggerConfig#getPropertyList(), deprecated
>>>> method #getProperties().
>>>> o LOG4J2-1457:  Fixed class loader deadlock when using async logging
>>>> and extended stack trace pattern. Thanks to Leon Finker.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1563:  Fix to prevent Log4j 2.6.2 and higher from losing
>>>> exceptions when a security manager is present. Thanks to Jason Tedor.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1530:  Fixed issue where LogEvent.getContextStack() returned
>>>> null.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1518:  Prevent deadlock in Async Loggers when queue is full
>>>> and logged Object's toString() logs another message. Thanks to Leon Finker.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1542:  Prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
>>>> ParameterizedMessage.formatTo for single-char or empty messages. Thanks to
>>>> Rogério Lecarião Leite.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1549:  Fixed issue where AsyncLoggerContextSelector+PropertiesConfigurationBuilder
>>>> defaulted to includeLocation=true. Thanks to Jason Bedard.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1562:  Prevent SocketAppender memory usage from growing
>>>> unbounded if it cannot connect to a server.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1559:  Prevent NPE in Level.isInRange. Thanks to Andrey
>>>> Plotkin.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1511:  DynamicThresholdFilter filtered incorrectly when params
>>>> were passed as individual arguments instead of varargs. Thanks to Srikanth
>>>> Surukuntu.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1548:  [CronTriggeringPolicy] ConfigurationScheduler scheduled
>>>> the task infinitely after first fire.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1506:  Log4j should not unregister JMX MBeans when
>>>> log4j2.disable.jmx property is true. Thanks to Johannes Schleger.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1490:  Log4j2 should postpone creating log file until the
>>>> appender actually receives an event. Thanks to Krzysztof Taborski.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1320:  Support loading custom plugins from jar files and
>>>> directories whose classpath entries use the "vfs" URL protocol. Thanks to
>>>> Paresh Varke, Pierrick Hymbert.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1541:  Fix file handle resource leak in
>>>> XmlConfiguration.XmlConfiguration(ConfigurationSource).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1538:  Prevent NPE when dynamically removing filters. Thanks
>>>> to Igor Karpov.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1532:  Attributes were not merged properly in composite
>>>> configurations.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1529:  Attributes were not merged properly in composite
>>>> configurations. Thanks to Sridevi Narra.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1527:  Prevent NPE in RingBufferLogEvent.getFormattedMessage()
>>>> when used in web applications. Thanks to Jose Leon.
>>>> o LOG4J2-905:  Added ability to disable (date) lookup completely for
>>>> compatibility with other libraries like Camel. Thanks to Moritz Löser.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1526:  Added support for setting StatusLogger destination in
>>>> ConfigurationBuilder.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1448:  Allow comma separated agents, host list to be passed to
>>>> FlumeAppender. Thanks to Keith Laban.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1500:  Merging configurations failed with an NPE when
>>>> comparing Nodes with different attributes. Thanks to Jose Leon.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1482:  Fixed improper header in CsvParameterLayout. Thanks to
>>>> Sumit Singhal.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1199:  Documented that JVM Input Arguments Lookup (JMX) is not
>>>> available on Google App Engine.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1438:  (GC) Added method getParameter() to ObjectMessage (and
>>>> ReusableObjectMessage).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1488:  (GC) Fixed ISO8601 %date conversion pattern with a
>>>> period '.' separator for milliseconds is now garbage free. Thanks to
>>>> Richard Zschech.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1489:  (GC) Fixed %date conversion patterns with a timezone
>>>> parameter are now garbage free. Thanks to Richard Zschech.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1279:  Prevent NullPointerException in
>>>> FastDateParser$TimeZoneStrategy. Thanks to Tony Baines.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1341:  (GC) HighlightConverter and StyleConverter are now
>>>> GC-free. Thanks to Richard Zschech.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1467:  [OSGi] Fixed missing import package. Thanks to Ralf,
>>>> Gary Gregory.
>>>> o LOG4J2-351:  [OSGi] Fixed wrong Fragment-Host in manifest files.
>>>> Thanks to Roland Weiglhofer.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1313:  Properties declared in configuration can now have their
>>>> value either in the element body or in an attribute named "value". Thanks
>>>> to Philipp Knobel.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1235:  org.apache.logging.log4j.core.
>>>> appender.routing.IdlePurgePolicy was not working correctly. Thanks to
>>>> Niranjan Rao, Sascha Scholz, Aleksey Zvolinsky.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1502:  Fixed issue where CsvParameterLayout and
>>>> CsvLogEventLayout inserted NUL characters if data starts with {, (, [ or
>>>> Thanks to Sumit Singhal.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1573:  Layout is no longer optional. Thanks to Steffen
>>>> Offermann.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1608:  ServletAppender does not provide throwable object to
>>>> ServletContext.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1599:  Prevent potential NPE in org.apache.logging.log4j.messa
>>>> ge.ParameterFormatter.formatMessage3(StringBuilder, char[], int,
>>>> Object[], int, int[]).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1600:  Prevent potential NPE due to
>>>> org.apache.logging.log4j.core.layout.MarkerPatternSelector.createSelector(PatternMatch[],
>>>> String, boolean, boolean, Configuration).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1601:  Prevent potential NPE due to
>>>> org.apache.logging.log4j.core.layout.ScriptPatternSelector.createSelector(AbstractScript,
>>>> PatternMatch[], String, boolean, boolean, Configuration).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1602:  Prevent potential NPE in org.apache.logging.log4j.core.
>>>> util.datetime.FormatCache.MultipartKey.equals(Object) when object is
>>>> null.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1603:  Redo hashCode() and equals() methods in
>>>> org.apache.logging.log4j.core.net.ssl classes.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1610:  Add targetNamespace to log4j-config.xsd. GitHub #43.
>>>> Thanks to Shubhankar.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1619:  new Log4jLogEvent().toString() throws an NPE.
>>>> Changes:
>>>> o LOG4J2-1604:  Log4j2 TcpSocketServer in background. Thanks to Colin
>>>> Hillman.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1574:  Allow the RollingFileAppender to use default pattern
>>>> layout.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1556:  Custom Log4j threads now extend Log4jThread.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1605:  Improve error messages for TcpSocketServer and
>>>> UdpSocketServer.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1458:  Updated Jackson from 2.7.5 to 2.8.0.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1494:  Updated Jackson from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1569:  Updated Jackson from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1598:  Updated Jackson from 2.8.2 to 2.8.3.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1495:  Updated LMAX Disruptor from 3.3.4 to 3.3.5.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1496:  Updated Kafka client from to
>>>> o LOG4J2-1533:  Updated Kafka client from to
>>>> o LOG4J2-1487:  Updated JMS test from ActiveMQ 5.13.3 to 5.13.4.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1551:  Updated JMS test from ActiveMQ 5.13.4 to 5.14.0.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1543:  Removed deprecated Core API
>>>> org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.Constants.UTF_8.
>>>> o LOG4J2-1544:  Removed deprecated Core API
>>>> org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.Assert.requireNonNull(T, String).
>>>> o LOG4J2-1545:  Removed deprecated Web API
>>>> org.apache.logging.log4j.web.WebLookup.getServletContext().
>>>> Tag:
>>>> a)  for a new copy do "git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/
>>>> repos/asf/logging-log4j2.git" and then "git checkout
>>>> tags/log4j-2.7-rc2”
>>>> b) for an existing working copy to “git pull” and then “git checkout
>>>> tags/log4j-2.7-rc2”
>>>> Web Site:  <http://rgoers.github.io/log4j2-site/index.html>http://rgoer
>>>> s.github.io/log4j2-site/index.html
>>>> Artifacts: https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapache
>>>> logging-1022
>>>> You may download all the artifacts by executing:
>>>> wget -e robots=off --cut-dirs=7 -nH -r -p -np --no-check-certificate
>>>> https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapache
>>>> logging-1022/org/apache/logging/log4j/
>>>> Ralph
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