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From Ralph Goers <ralph.go...@dslextreme.com>
Subject Re: Modules
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 17:04:45 GMT
Actually, I just created LOG4J2-1627 for this and I specifically did bring Java 9 modules into
the discussion because they should at least be considered along with the Java 8 profiles.
Right now I am sure we have stuff that would create problems with trying to run in compact
profiles 1 and 2.  

That said, my primary motivation isn’t to split things up for those reasons. It is simply
because it takes me a minimum of 4 hours to perform a release. That is because I run a rat
check on the project, then build the project, then build the site. Only after I check all
of those do I start the release build, which by itself takes 45 minutes. I then have to build
the site again against the release tag.  Considering that just running mvn clean install takes
about 25 minutes now you can see why this becomes a large effort.  And it is getting worse
with every release. This is primarily due to the tests run in core. There is also a huge delay
that occurs after running the unit tests and before running the functional tests. I am attributing
this to the time the failsafe plugin must be spending just to figure out which test classes
to call. I plan to address that by moving the functional tests to their own module.


> On Sep 30, 2016, at 9:50 AM, Gary Gregory <garydgregory@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ralph recently mentions that he'd like some modules removed while Matt mentioned merging
some back into Core.
> Shall we discuss this on the ML instead of Jira?
> I could also see doing an uber jar (mod the mutually exclusive jars) and reorging the
system with a smaller core (everything except appenders), an all-appenders module, and/or
what some folks have mentioned: one module per appender (yikes!) 
> What are all the options we should consider?
> Personally and for the current projects I have involved in, an uber jar with optional
deps is the simplest to deal with. If I had to do an app for a light bulb, I'd think differently
> (Let's leave Java 9 modules out of the discussion!)
> Gary
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