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From Remko Popma <rem...@yahoo.com>
Subject [commit] moved classes to helpers package
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2013 20:42:41 GMT
I have moved the Clock interface, ClockFactory class and Clock impl classes 
from the core.async package to core.helpers.
Updated the manual/async.xml page accordingly.

It may be an idea to replace all calls to System.currentTimeMillis()
with ClockFactory.getClock().currentTimeMillis().

In the async package this is done for performance (allow users to switch to
a faster impl), but another reason would be to facilitate testing. 
Eg. in a JUnit test you can set a clock that always
returns a fixed time and use this to test time format in patterns, etc.

Also moved the Assert class from core.jmx to core.helpers.
Where before you would write
public void MyConstructor(MyParam param) {
  if (param == null) {
    throw new NullPointerException("param is null");
  this.param = param;

You can now write:
public void MyConstructor(MyParam param) {
  this.param = Assert.isNotNull(param, "param");

(similar to java.util.Objects.requireNonNull() in java 7)
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