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From "Morten Simonsen" <mor...@owera.com>
Subject Reading the a propertyfile from classpath instead of absolute path
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 15:30:28 GMT

I don't like absolute paths. They tend to clutter the propertyfiles and I don't really see
the reason why log4j couldn't locate propertyfiles that are in the classpath. Yes, there might
be name-collisions, but that could easily be avoided by the developer (each one create their
own "namespace"). So after thinking of this for some years, I decided to make a fix. It took
me approx. 1 hour, so I won't be disappointed if you choose not to use it. It's added to the

I will just attachFileWatchdog.java, and you do whatever you want with it. Anyway, great work
from all of you. Notice: the fix is only for files that are "watched". And also, I just added
one private method.

Morten Simonsen

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