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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Chainsaw harmonization, branding, etc.
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2007 22:27:56 GMT
> I used the assembly:assembly plug to create a distribution, however  
> the descriptor (src/assembly/bin.xml) needs to be tweaked to drop  
> out non-re-distributable jars.  Hopefully, all the non-re- 
> distributable jars  are not essential to operation, at least not on  
> JDK 1.5. Currently, you can do java -jar on apache-chainsaw.jar and  
> the app launches.  I added the main-class and path entries to the  
> chainsaw jar, wouldn't do that on a library jar but hopefully is a  
> good thing for an application jar.

I've never found that main-class much use because of the external  
reference to jars.  Personally I like the appassembler distribution  
that maven can build, plus the Mac-specific one.

The external referenced jars are the crux of the problem with  
Chainsaw.  Out-of-the-box, Chainsaw is useful for socket-based  
operations and local file reading.  For JMS, DB, and VFS style  
operations, the 3rd-party requirements make it a tricky distribution  

Which exactly are the non-redistributable jars?  Xstream and jmdns  
are the only listed dependencies in the pom, both of which are ASL  
licensed.  JSch (for ssh-based stuff like vfs) used to LGPL but is  
now BSD licensed, but we don't actually need to depend on that per-se  
(they can go in the plugins directory).

> I will probably need to get my head around the distribution  
> mechanisms.  I think we do need a classic distribution tarball that  
> is farmed out to the distribution mirrors.  Keeping the WebStart is  
> good, but I think it might need to be placed within and use the  
> Maven repo and have the downloads page point to a nearby Maven mirror.

We might as well be consistent with a tarball distro, but I'm not  
sure that's what the users would want to use.  For non-webstart  
operations I actually think letting the user use Maven to build the  
complete distribution including all dependencies is actually probably  
the most pain-free for a user.

> Branding is another issue.  Should Chainsaw be presented as a  
> separate product or as a log4j companion or some other model.  I've  
> probably not been consistent in what I've set up, but here is how I  
> see the options:
> Chainsaw as a LS product:
> Web content: http://logging.apache.org/chainsaw, appear as menu  
> item on http://logging.apache.org
> groupId = apache-chainsaw or log4j
> artifactId = apache-chainsaw
> Chainsaw as a log4j companion:
> Web content: http://logging.apache.org/log4j/companions/chainsaw,  
> appear as menu item on http://logging.apache.org/log4j and http:// 
> logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2
> groupId = log4j
> artifactId = apache-log4j-chainsaw
> I think that LS product is better since Chainsaw should be usable  
> with the other LS frameworks and is much more complicated than the  
> other companions.  Also, the plugin components could be considered  
> "companions" of chainsaw.

Given Chainsaw can interact with non-log4j environments as well with  
XML logging, I think a standalone position is probably more appropriate.

> I don't have a problem having Chainsaw continue to use the log4j  
> icon, but maybe we could create a derivative icon that suggest  
> taking a slice of the log4j cup.  Don't know if we have access to  
> the original drawing for the icon.

Scott and I talked about this a while back, but neither of us a gFx  
artists.. :)  I had always envisaged an image that was a piece of  
paper with text and a chainsaw slicing right through it.


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