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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Chainsaw & Maven
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2007 03:30:06 GMT
Hi all,

I've begin on a maven journey recently, and I'm convinced of it's  
value.  I would like to mavenize the Chainsaw project as  part of  
integrating it with log4j 1.2.15.

It would be nice to do a set of small directory changes to fit the  
standard maven project; we're not far off it, and it's not strictly  
necessary, but I think keeping the structure standard is probably  
worth the investment.

So, I'm proposing we do the following:

src/java -> src/main/java
mv *.properties into src/main/resources tree (there's only one)
test -> src/test/java
packaging/* -> src/jnlp/resources

I have found the appassembler and webstart maven plugins to be  
outstandingly useful.  Out of the box building .sh/.bat and webstart  
distributions.  Much simpler than my ant hack!

The zeroconf src tree is an interesting one.  The reason that it is  
in a separate source tree in the first place is to make it 'optional'  
during the build cycle because the jmdns  library is LGPL.  With  
maven, by declaring the dependency it just goes and gets it.  I'm not  
sure what it means for Gump though.  Does gump handle maven  
projects?  That is, are we required to provide a build.xml for Gump?

The maven-eclipse plugin (and assuming IDEA) are fantastic.

All of this depends on using the log4j-component/receiver/etc modules  
as snapshots, which is a straightforward svn checkout, and mvn install.

I'm happy to do all of this, just want to check.  Isuru is starting  
to get involved via the GSOC, and I'd hope not to muck anyone about  
too much.




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