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From "Scott Deboy" <sde...@comotivsystems.com>
Subject RE: Chainsaw & Maven: completed (I think)
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 05:35:10 GMT
Got it all working.  A few things:
- getting the log4j 1.2 branch to mvn install was a bit of a hassle because I needed to get
nteventappender.dll into my path (from 1.2.14) - the dll wasn't getting built via mvn install
- should it have been? maybe another maven target I should have looked into.
- I had to install each of the log4j snapshots into my local repo (the mvn install error info
told me to do it - it wasn't mentioned in the build instructions)
- Chainsaw wouldn't mvn install until I copied known.receivers to chainsaw/target/classes
(was getting an error on the receivershelpertest)

Will play around with things now and let you know how things go.

Scott Deboy
111 SW Columbia Street Ste. 950
Portland, OR  97201

Telephone:      503.224.7496
Cell:           503.997.1367
Fax:            503.222.0185



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From: Paul Smith [mailto:psmith@aconex.com]
Sent: Sun 6/3/2007 5:14 PM
To: Log4J Developers List
Subject: Chainsaw & Maven: completed (I think)
Ok gang, mavenization completed I think.

Please grab maven 2.0.4 and install it, and if you use Eclipse,  
install the Maven Eclipse plugin:


After installing the Maven Eclipse plugin, you can activate the  
project as a Maven project by doing this in Eclipse:

* Right click on the project
* Team->Maven->Enable (if it's not already enabled)
* Team->Maven->Update Source Folders (even if it is enabled, I've  
found you sometimes need to do this to 'nudge' the plugin to refresh  
it's view of things)

You will need to have installed into your local repository the  
snapshot releases of the log4j-* projects (component, receivers,  
expression-filter) as well as the log4j 1.2.15 snapshot.  The steps  

cd <sub-project>
mvn install

Once mvn install works well, you can try 'mvn package' and it will  

* target/appassembler/bin/chainsaw shell script and chainsaw.bat  
batch file which can be used to launch Chainsaw from the command line

If you've got OSX, then try:

mvn package appbundler:bundle

It will produce an OSX distribution sitting in the target directory,  
together with a .dmg version.

I haven't added to much organizational/scm/reports stuff to the pom  
as yet, will do that next.

Please let me know if I can help anyone get things started.  Maven  
appears to new people to be huge and complicated (like it did for  
me), but it's actually quite simple at it heart.

I found this free PDF most valuable reading:



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