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From "Mark Modrall" <MModr...@glgroup.com>
Subject RE: building nteventlogappender.dll?
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 14:24:23 GMT
Hi Curt...


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>The missing include files are likely the output of javah and are
therefore derived from the corresponding Java files and are not included
in the distribution.  


>If you look at src/ntdll/build.xml, the build sequence should be fairly
obvious.  The Win32 NTEventLogAppender.dll is built using MinGW to allow
the release to be built without requiring developers to have a license
of some particular version of Microsoft Visual Studio.  However, I do
not know of a free compiler for Win64.


            Thanks for the response.  After I posted, I'd done some more
googling around and got led to the same conclusion.  I started putting
together a Visual Studio project for it but then ran across an
interesting problem.


            The event log appender code is treating HANDLE as jint which
works okay on a 32 bit environment (aside from a sign issue) since the
jdk in includes\win32\jni_md.h defines jint as long.  The problem is
that the jni_md.h that comes with the windows 64-bit jvm *still* defines
jint as long, so HANDLE (a pointer) won't fit in a jint on the 64 bit


            Seems like the easiest way to make NtEventLogAppender 64-bit
compatible is to change the log4j jni code to use jlong to hold/deal
with HANDLEs.   It wastes a few bits on the 32-bit platform but lets you
move back and forth.




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