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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: GSoC Project : Enhancing Chainsaw
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 04:23:36 GMT
that sleep level should be a receiver configurable setting too.  A  
default of 5 seconds is good, and perhaps we should have per-remote  
resource type defaults.  that is, perhaps 1 second is ok as a default  
for files, but 5 seconds seems a nice default for other classes of  
remote protocols (http, sftp etc).

Not sure what the overhead is in VFS for gaining access to the  
RandomAccessContent object.  Be interesting to profile that.  Do you  
have access to a Profiler tool like Yourkit ?



On 29/05/2007, at 10:25 AM, Scott Deboy wrote:

> Looks good..I'd suggest doing a file.exists on the 1st line of the  
> do loop & reset the pointer to zero if it's false, sleep for 5  
> secs, and continue..
> Will help folks like me who use apps which truncate a log file on  
> app start.
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> From: Isuru Suriarachchi [mailto:isurues@gmail.com]
> Sent: Mon 5/28/2007 7:00 AM
> To: Log4J Developers List
> Subject: GSoC Project : Enhancing Chainsaw
> Hi Scott and Paul,
> I have been working on my first task to fix the tailing capability  
> of VFS
> log receiver, for last few days. First of all I would like to  
> describe why
> tailing is not working in the current implementation as I  
> understand and
> then I will suggest my solution.
> Current Implementation
> In the current implementation, in VFSLogFilePatternReceiver, VFSReader
> creates a FileSystemManager and makes a FileObject by giving the  
> file URL
> using the created FileSysemManager. After that it creates an
> InputStreamReader to read the log file and passes it to the process 
> (reader)
> method in the LogFilePatternReceiver in log4j. In this process()  
> method, a
> BufferedReader is created using the reader passed and this  
> BufferedReader is
> checked for new lines (new logs in the log file), until 'tailing'  
> is kept
> true.
> This works for URLs in the local file system (Eg: file:///foo/ 
> bar.log ) as
> the BufferedReader is updated whenever a new line is written to the  
> file.
> But when the log file is accessed through some other protocol, say  
> http,
> this Buffered reader is not updated through the protocol when new  
> lines are
> added to the log file. That's why tailing is not working with such a
> protocol.
> My Solution
> As I can see, keeping only the InputStreamReader of the file in the  
> method
> we run the while loop (the loop which runs until 'tailiing' is kept  
> true) is
> not going to work. And also we can't pass a FileObject to the  
> process()
> method as it is a method in a standardized interface. So I think  
> the above
> while loop should run inside VFSReader (in  
> VFSLogFilePatternReceiver) in
> which we have the access to the FileObject of the log file. Then we  
> can get
> this working by getting the randomAccessContent of the log file,  
> inside the
> while loop and seeking for the line pointed by the file pointer.
> According to the method proposed by Mario on the VFS team, this can  
> be done
> in the following manner.
> //This part comes inside the VFSReader class...
> long lastFilePointer = 0;
> do
> {
>    RadomAccessContent rac = FileObject.getRandomAccessContent()
>    rac.seek(lastFilePointer)
>    reader = new InputStreamReader(rac.getInputStream());
>    process(reader);
>    lastFilePointer = rac.getFilePointer();
>    rac.close();
> }while (isTailing());
> Here, as the while loop is taken out of the process() method,
> activateOptions() method in the LogFilePatternReceiver should also be
> changed as it calls the process() method.
> If this method is okay, I can send the patch with the modifications
> mentioned above. Your comments are welcome..
> Thanks,
> ~Isuru
> <winmail.dat>
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