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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Chainsaw+log4j12 == LocationInfo oddness
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 03:57:40 GMT
I'm getting a weird NPE here:

Daemon Thread [Chainsaw-WorkerThread] (Suspended (breakpoint at line  
539 in PatternParser$ClassNamePatternConverter))	
(LoggingEvent) line: 539	
$NamedPatternConverter).convert(LoggingEvent) line: 512	
(StringBuffer, LoggingEvent) line: 65	
	PatternLayout.format(LoggingEvent) line: 504	
	EventDetailLayout.format(LoggingEvent) line: 280	
	LogPanel$DetailPaneUpdater.updateDetailPane() line: 2552	
	LogPanel$DetailPaneUpdater.setSelectedRow(int) line: 2531	
	LogPanel$DetailPaneUpdater.access$1(LogPanel$DetailPaneUpdater, int)  
line: 2529	
	LogPanel.receiveEventBatch(String, List) line: 1398	
(ChainsawEventBatch) line: 343	
	ChainsawAppenderHandler$WorkQueue$WorkerThread.run() line: 299	

This is because the fqnOfCategoryClass variable is null, as is the  
LocationInfo.  This obviously never happened with 1.3.  I wonder if  
the 'fake' appender that dispatches events to the GUI is required to  
handle something slightly different.

Anyway, I'm looking at this, just thought I'd let people know where I  
was progress wise.

Also on a maven front, I've finally started getting log4j12 branch  
working with maven.  I basically copied the dependency list from the  
trunk pom.xml, and fought with the maven repos to get all the sun  
jars downloaded into my local repo.  Curse Sun and their jar  
licensing.  Why can't it 'just work'.   If all the sun jars were in  
maven repos, then I think Maven would look extra schmick.  Together  
with the maven-eclipse plugin, I'm seriously thinking that mavenizing  
Chainsaw isn't a bad idea.


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