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From "Bender Heri" <HBen...@Ergonomics.ch>
Subject RE: [SPAM (Bayesain Analysis)] - Re: Enhanced FileAppender - Bayesian Filter detected spam
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:20:29 GMT
Hi Ceki

see inline.

> On the down side, in order to configure the embedded file appender,
> MultiFileAppender would need to somehow replay bits of configuration file
> (each time a new FileAppender needs to be created).

How would you configure the embedded FileAppender? Would the configuration of MultiFileAppender
have an <appender-ref> tag? This would IMO also force new code within configurator.
Annother option would be: 

   <param name="EmbeddedFileAppender" value="<configured name of appender>"/>

Whenever the MultiFileAppender would need to create a new FileAppender it would search for
this <configured name of appender> (via LogManager and Repository) take this as template
and create on the fly a new one with the same properties.

> Do you reckon you need rollover capability along with criteria-based
> log files in MultiFileAppender or would criteria-based log files
> alone suffice?

Definitively yes. My use case is a scheduler which fires different tasks for different customers,
all within the same JVM. I need daily rolling files separated by task and customer, also for
long term analysis.


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