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From Elias Ross <generic_el...@yahoo.com>
Subject Elias with more concurrency changes -- again
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 19:16:03 GMT
Hello again!

Thanks for moving my "concurrent" branch over to the trunk.

I've been working on adding more unit tests, these are attached to bug 24159.
I haven't measured code coverage, but coverage should be pretty decent.

I also worked on a RollingFileAppender implementation. To get this to work, I
found I needed a reentrant locking strategy. I incorporated code from Doug
Lea's concurrent library, which is public domain. If Log4J were to eventually
support Java 1.5, the lock implementation is future replaceable with the JDK
1.5 one.

There still needs to be more heavy load tests, which are hard to write. If
somebody would like to contribute them, that'd be great.

I'd like to see some feedback from the list on these changes. Thanks!

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