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From "Pearce, Lyall" <lyall.pea...@eds.com>
Subject 1.3-alpha8 - Extending TimeBasedRollingPolicy
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 03:45:50 GMT
I am unsure if this is more a user or developer question, I will lean
towards developer unless told otherwise.

log4j1.3-alpha8 has a nice class TimeBasedRollingPolicy

The Primary question: Why are the classes marked final? Why can't I
extend a log4j class?

An additional question/observation: The javadoc says we can decouple the
active log file using setActiveFileName - which is really nice from my
perspective, but the method is deprecated with no obvious alternative.

The Background.

I wanted to extend this to not only roll the file but to transmit the
file, via http (or any protocol, I suppose) to another server, after
all, TimeBasedRollingPolicy seemed to do everything I wanted in so far
as rolling the file is concerned, I just wanted to do a teeny bit more
with the file (if you consider transferring the log file elsewhere a
teeny bit)

I admit to being new to log4j and java in general (but not to computing)
but these log4j classes are marked final, so I cannot 'extend' them.

Also, the documentation is a little thin, from my perspective, with how
I could go about doing a 'TimeBasedRollingAndTransferPolicy' class given
the whole log4j framework?

For example, RollingPolicy.RolloverDescription() says '...performs any
necessary preliminary actions and describes actions needed after close
of current log file...'
ollingPolicy.html) - what is it describing, how?

Thanks in advance.


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