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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject [COMPATIBILITY] Current state
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 18:57:27 GMT
I've updated the compatibility report at http://people.apache.org/ 

The following issues appear in the report:

1. o.a.l.DailyRollingFileAppender, o.a.l.RollingFileAppender and  
o.a.l.varia.ExternallyRolledFileAppender issues

In the current SVN HEAD, these classes are implemented as wrappers  
over o.a.l.rolling.RollingFileAppender.  They should be acceptable  
replacements for the log4j 1.2 classes except for applications that  
have extended the classes to modify their behavior.  In earlier  
discussions, these seemed to be an area where intentional break might  
be acceptable, but there are other options.

2. o.a.l.Hierarchy.overrideAsNeeded, setDisableOverride:

These methods have long been deprecated and their implementations in  
log4j 1.2 just output messages that they should not be used.  Would  
be trivial to restore the log4j 1.2 implementations, but in this  
case, there has been sufficient warning and the methods could be  

3. o.a.l.PatternLayout.createPatternParser, missing  
o.a.l.helpers.FormattingInfo, PatternConverter, PatternParser classes.

The log4j 1.2 implementation of PatternLayout could be extended by  
overloading createPatternParser to introduce new format specifiers.   
The log4j 1.3 implementation is substantially different and it does  
not appear easy to continue to support the previous extension mechanism.

o.a.l.PropertyConfigurator.configureAndWatch, .configureLoggerFactory:

Mark Womack is working on restoring these methods.

5. o.a.l.chainsaw.Main

Don't know why this is not being reported as a removed class.   
Chainsaw has been spun off as a distinct project.

6. o.a.l.jmx classes

The log4j 1.2 JMX classes were not carried over into log4j 1.3.   
There has been occasional discussion on log4j-dev and log4j-user on  
the JMX support in log4j 1.2 and the general impression is that the  
existing code is not compatible with the current releases of JMX and  
the code was not production quality.

Some links to bugs and prior discussions:


The current log4j 1.2 sources could be copied over to the SVN HEAD,  
spun off to the sandbox for more work, or deferred until the issues  
in the log4j 1.2 code base have been fixed.  Any preferences?

7. Signature change on o.a.l.net.SMTPAppender.sendBuffer

The signature on this protected method has changed from sendBuffer()  
to sendBuffer(LoggingEvent) and it does not appear trivial to restore  
the old signature.  This change should only affect extensions of  

8. Missing o.a.l.nt.NTEventLogAppender

This appender could be restored.  The NTEventLogAppender.dll had been  
unintentionally dropped from recent log4j 1.2 distributions.  I  
recently modified the log4j 1.2 build.xml to build the DLL using  
MinGW (http://mingw.sourceforge.net/) and could port it over to the  
log4j 1.3 line.

9. Missing o.a.l.varia.ReloadingPropertyConfigurator

I'll let Mark look at this since he is deep in the watchdog stuff.

10. o.a.l.xml.DOMConfigurator

The current DOMConfigurator delegates to JoranConfigurator, so any  
classes than extended DOMConfigurator to modify its behavior are  
expected to be broken.

Would appreciate any comments particular on JMX and NTEventLogAppender.


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