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From Mark Womack <mwom...@apache.org>
Subject Re: log4j 1.3alpha8 build
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:02:15 GMT
Of the 4 items mentioned, the jdk 1.3/1.4 issue is the biggest.  But
it looks like the 1.4 dependencies have been resolved?  If so, then I
can rebuild using 1.3, remove the breakiterator, and upgrade to Ant
1.6.5.  None of those will be hard to setup.

I need to look at the .dll build issue.  I suspect that I am just
using the wrong download from the mingw stuff.  Nothing I set up in
the path ever responds to the gcc command.  I'll follow up with Curt
(and we need to document it in the build.properties.sample), but
again, I don't think it should slow down this alpha release.

Unless I hear otherwise, I will get everything going tonight and
generate a new alpha8 build.  Or alpha9 if that is easier to tag/etc.


On 1/27/06, Curt Arnold <carnold@apache.org> wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2006, at 7:02 AM, Yoav Shapira wrote:
> > Howdy,
> > +1 to cross-posting alpha build announcements to
> > log4j-user@logging.a.o...  It'd be nice to get wider feedback at this
> > point.
> >
> > Yoav
> I think I'm -0 on releasing Mark's last build.  There are a couple
> things in the build process that bother me and I think it would be
> better to take another day and fix them.  Also, I think that it would
> be best not to announce release candidates to the log4j-user list, at
> least not until the developer community sanity checks the build.   I
> am able to reproduce Mark's build (with the expected exception of
> timestamps in the generated Javadoc files).
> My problem with the current build:
> 1. Failure when running on JDK 1.3
> The compilations were done on a JDK 1.4.2 unlike the recent log4j
> 1.2.x builds which are done on a JDK 1.3.1.  Running the distributed
> jar files on a JDK 1.3 will throw NoSuchMethodException when doing
> date formatting.  When compiled using JDK 1.3, calls that append
> StringBuilders will be compiled to use StringBuilder.append(Object),
> but when compiled using JDK 1.4, they will use a new
> StringBuilder.append(StringBuilder) method and which will result in a
> NoSuchMethodException when run on a JDK 1.3.
> 2. Missing NTEventLogAppender.dll
> Mark didn't go into the details on his problems.  I'm guessing that
> it might have been related to the hassle of installing the Microsoft
> Platform SDK to get access to the Microsoft Message Compiler.  The
> Message Compiler is used to compile src/java/org/apache/log4j/nt/
> EventLogCategories.mc into a small resource file and binary file.
> The output of the message compiler is tiny (less than 200 bytes) and
> slow changing and downloading the Platform SDK is huge, so it would
> probably be worthwhile just to cache the output of the Message
> Compiler into the SVN so that only MinGW is needed to build the DLL.
> 3. -breakiterator switch on Javadoc
> The -breakiterator switch (introduced in JDK 1.4) is used in
> build.xml.  I'm not sure how it improves first sentence detection,
> but probably best to remove it and address javadoc formatting issues
> another way.
> 4.  Use of Ant 1.6.4
> The candidate build was built using Ant 1.6.4 which was the
> recommended release for only two weeks (19-May-2005 to 2-June-2005).
> Ant 1.6.5 has been the recommended release since June 2005.  Don't
> suspect that we are subject to any of the bugs reported in Ant 1.6.4,
> but it would be better to use a much more widely used version of Ant.
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