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From Jess Holle <je...@ptc.com>
Subject Re: Log4j and Java 5
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 21:02:25 GMT
Paul Smith wrote:

>> I guess what I was thinking was an incremental approach in 1.3 that  
>> does not break backwards compatibility.  [I'd think that would be a  
>> better use of time/energy than the Priority vs. Level and Category  
>> vs. Logger mess...]
> I'm against requiring Java 5 for log4j 1.3.  2.0 though is fine.

I was never suggesting requiring it -- only leveraging it where 
possible.  [I'm not *that* self-centered.]

> Originally log4j 1.3 was going to only require JDK 1.2!  But we've  
> taken so long that I think we should probably revisit what we will  
> require.  Even JDK 1.3 is getting long in the tooth.
> I think we need to get a discussion going as to finalizing what our  
> plans are for 1.3, because we're just drifting at the moment.

I started writing loads of code against 1.2.x about a year ago expecting 
that I'd get to upgrade to a 1.3 "final" in a few months this entire 
time.  From where I sit it certainly seems like 1.3 is drifting -- there 
haven't been any clear signs of progress to those primarily focused on 
1.2 in that time.

> As an aside, Jess be reminded that a lot of Apache folks are at  
> ApacheCon soon, so don't take it personally if there is a quiet 
> response at the mometn.  (I'm in Australia, wishing I was at  
> ApacheCon.. :( ) 

I'm not taking it personally.  If I was as blunt as I am and took things 
personally I'd be in a real sorry state most of the time.

Thanks for pointing out that folk are busy with ApacheCon, however, as I 
really was worried that the log4j development community was this sleepy 
that loud, obnoxious raising of serious issues didn't stir too much 
response or immediate action.  Putting this in context with ApacheCon 
put a bit more hopeful spin on things...

Jess Holle

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