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From Jess Holle <je...@ptc.com>
Subject Re: Log4j and Java 5
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 16:48:41 GMT
Curt Arnold wrote:

> On Dec 1, 2005, at 9:22 AM, Jess Holle wrote:
>> Has anyone tried replacing the synchronization in log4j with Java 5  
>> locks to and done any benchmarks?
>> I'm curious as I think it would be interesting to have a lock  
>> factory which produces something like the existing locks for pre- 
>> Java-5 JVMs and Java 5 locks in Java 5.
>> We purely use and require Java 5 and higher for all new development  
>> at this point, which may make us unusual, but that's where we're  
>> at.  I understand the need to support earlier JVMs, but am  
>> interested in squeezing the best possible performance and  
>> scalability out under Java 5.
> I have suggested targeting Java 5 in log4j 2.0.  However, I plan on  
> experimenting with substantially reducing the scope of locks in log4j  
> 2.0 instead of just incrementally using new locking features with the  
> current approach.

I guess what I was thinking was an incremental approach in 1.3 that does 
not break backwards compatibility.  [I'd think that would be a better 
use of time/energy than the Priority vs. Level and Category vs. Logger 

Jess Holle

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