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From Mark Womack <mwom...@apache.org>
Subject Re: 1.3 Tasks (and beyond)
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 17:22:46 GMT
Comments below.

On 12/19/05, Scott Deboy <sdeboy@comotivsystems.com> wrote:
> There are other issues we need to resolve as well, including:
> - do we really want one jar for each external dependency (oro, xml, etc.)
> - there are two expression language implementations

I'll add these to my master list.  I want to write up a bug for each
task/feature so we can track the progress (JIRA sure would be better
for this, but that is a different discussion).

> I think our users would appreciate more information about our planned releases (timelines/features).
> We should define a prioritized feature list.  We could then take one of two routes:
> Advertise the approximate delivery dates of releases and the features planned for inclusion
in each release, or
> (my preference): deliver releases on a fixed interval, and what we have time to include
is included.  The JXTA project seems to work this way.

I think the prioritization is a good idea.  Would you like to take a
crack at it and we can comment, go from there?

I agree that we need to inform the users what we are planning and the
planned releases.  This being an open source project (and I don't want
to be a project manager), I think that the releases at fixed intervals
(say once a month?) is a good way to go.  But we need folks to start
working on the agreed tasks so we can demonstrate progress and give
the users something to comment on/try out.


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