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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject log4j 1.2.12 on JDK 1.[2|3|4|5]
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 07:55:07 GMT
As you can tell, been busy today.  In the current state, log4j should  
build and pass all unit tests on JDK 1.2-5 (that is building and  
running on same JDK, haven't tested crosses yet).  JDK 1.2 will  
require you to rebuild Ant 1.6.5 first since it suffers from the same  
issue that we have been facing.  Prior to todays changes, the unit  
tests would have failed to run on JDK 1.3 (new serialization tests)  
and JDK 1.2 (stack trace patterns).

I should be able to run the unit tests on JDK 1.1 using a JDK 1.2  
build, though compiling on JDK 1.1 is unlikely to happen.  I was able  
to build Ant 1.5.4 on JDK 1.1 which is close enough to run tests/ 
build.xml when you set all the dependencies in CLASSPATH since the  
settings in build.properties is not effective.  However, it would  
always end with a "Cannot find java/lang/Threads" on the first test.   
I have been able to manually run one of the tests if I load all the  
dependencies in the CLASSPATH environment variable.  If you use - 
classpath, it appears to not locate the core JDK classes which is  
likely a long forgotten feature/bug on JDK 1.1.

I've modified build.properties.sample to correspond with the  
currently available best fits for JDK 1.2.  I've kept close to the  
previous builds.properties.sample's layout.  All the supporting jars  
are expected to be off of the "/java" directory.  I've been using the  
following files:


jakarta-oro-2.0.8.zip (only used in tests)




junit3.8.1.zip (only used in tests)

All the files are unzip'd using jar xf in the directory with the  
exception of jndi-1_2_1.zip which is expanded using:

mkdir jndi-1_2_1
cd jndi-1_2_1
jar xf ../jndi-1_2_1.zip

With that al you should have to do is check out logging-site beside  
logging-log4j and copy build.properties.sample to build.properties  
and run "ant release".  "ant release" forces a stricter build  
environment and may eventually check the version of compiler,  
platform, etc.

I used crimson-1.1.3 since it is a closer approximation to JAXP 1.1.   
A current xml-commons-apis.jar/xml-apis.jar/xmlParsersApis.jar would  
contain interfaces that weren't in JAXP 1.1.  crimson.jar contains  
both the equivalent of jaxp.jar and crimson.jar from JAXP 1.1, but  
since they have been resplit in Xerces-J (to xml-apis.jar/ 
xmlParserApis.jar and xercesImpl.jar), I've been both the  
jaxp.parser.jar and jaxp.jaxp.jar properties.

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