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From "Scott Deboy" <sde...@comotivsystems.com>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Modified Release Proposal
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 21:28:33 GMT
+1 on 1 and 2

-0 on 3 and 4: I would prefer to see 3 and 4 combined into the next 'major' release (which
I feel should just be 1.3).

-----Original Message-----
From:	Mark Womack [mailto:womack@adobe.com]
Sent:	Tue 5/24/2005 10:49 AM
To:	'Log4J Developers List'
Subject:	[VOTE] Modified Release Proposal
It sounds like there is interest in modifying the release schedule to move
the trace changes into its own release number to protect the 1.2 users from
the change.

I want to finalize this so that we communicate it as part of the 1.2.11
release later this week.  I want to get the release schedule onto the
website and into the 1.2.11 documentation.

1) Release 1.2.11 with JMS build fix.
Timeframe: This is in progress now.

2) Release a 1.2.12 version with major bug fixes.
Timeframe: Within 2 weeks of the 1.2.11 release.
TBD: final set of bug fixes to include (Owners: Mark, Curt, Paul, ??).  We
should not take more than a week to hash this out, and we have started.
3) Release a 1.3 version that is the base 1.2.12 release + the TRACE
changes.  We can also consider adding more deprecation to prep the user base
for changes coming in the next major release.  What is currently released as
the 1.3 alpha will be changed to version 1.4 (below).  Moving trace to this
release number protects the 1.2 users from this unexpected api change.
Timeframe: Within 2 weeks of the 1.2.12 release.

4) Release 1.4.  The next major release from the main cvs head, what we have
been calling "1.3" to date.  We will release a 1.4 alpha around the same
time as the 1.3 release for the bleeding edge of our community.
Timeframe: 10/2005 final release, sooner if we think possible.
TBD: Finalize task list for release. (Owner: Mark)

As usual, I am +1 for the above.


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