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From Mark Womack <wom...@adobe.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release Overview Proposal 2
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 16:53:54 GMT
I figured that a "[VOTE]" message would get folks more interested in
discussing.  :-)  Here is proposal #2.

Assume that we will adequately inform the user base what is going on with
the versions, starting with a detailed email to the user list.

1) Release 1.2.11 with JMS build fix.  Timeframe is immediate, within the
next week.

2) Release a 1.2.12 version with the TRACE change.  I think we should
consider only major bug fixes for inclusion as well, but keep it within
reason.  Timeframe is within a month of the 1.2.11 release.

Specific bugs that have been recommended, but not reviewed are:

TBD: final set of bug fixes to include (Owners: Mark, Curt, ??).  We should
not take more than a week to hash this out.

3) Release a 1.3 version based on the current main branch.  We can discuss
if we want to change the version to 1.5/2.0, but I think we should stick
with 1.3 for now.  Timeframe: release of first final version by 10/2005.
TBD: determine final set of tasks and release target dates (Owner: Mark).

We can work on 1.2.12 and 1.3 in parallel.  There won't be that much overlap

Paul, when you have a chance, would you be willing to do a jDiff report
against the 1.2.x code and the current cvs main?  That might help us in
deciding on what we want to call the next major version, and it will be
useful for the user base to see what has changed.  Maybe we can add it as a
target in the build file?

As before, I am committed to the above as release manager, though if someone
else is itching to do it, I will not stand in the way.



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