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From Paul Smith <psm...@apache.org>
Subject Chainsaw as seperate CVS module?
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 02:44:24 GMT
Hey All,

Chainsaw is getting big.  What does everyone think about moving Chainsaw 
out into it's own CVS module and making it a 'client' of the log4j 

In Eclipse one can make a Project have a dependency on another project, 
so that makes it nice from a developer point of view, and from an Ant 
point of view we can just have Chainsaw require to be built against 
specific log4j jars.

I have the following thoughts going through my mind at the moment that 
would require add ingseveral jars to the dependencies of Chainsaw, and 
it just might make everyones life easier if it were in a seperate 
module.  I'm not too fussed either way, but thought I would float the 
idea in case people think it's a good idea.

Anyway, on to some ideas I've been having, comments appreciated:

* VFS[3] - Chainsaw could be _way_ more useful if JSch can be used with 
VFS - browse any VFS filestore, including SFTP, so one could access log 
files from a protected/remote store. Recently JSch moved from a LGPL 
license to BSD, so this should be ok to embed[2]

* Lucene[4] - Be able to index and 'google' log files.  I've been 
playing in this area and searching is FAST.  I'm fiddling around to see 
how conceptually useful it is to create a Lucene index of sets of log 
files, and be able to easily and quickly locate logging information.  At 
the moment it's the indexing speed that's not as fast as I would like 
(minutes for a 40meg log file), but I'm thinking through some other 
options that could speed that process up considerably. 

* ZeroConf (aka Rendevouz) - This relies on the LGPL licensed JmDNS[5] 
library.  I have successfully created some code that automatically 
discovers SocketHubAppenders located on the network.  I foresee a vastly 
simpler user experience if log4j-enabled applications using Appenders 
with matching Receivers could broadcast their settings via zeroconf.  
Within Chainsaw the user could then double click the discovered 
appender, and Chainsaw could read/parse and create matching Receivers to 
connect to those appenders.  No more XML configs, no more rather lame 
Receiver creation dialogs.  Since this is LGPL licensed, I've started 
making this as a Plugin (both log4j, and for Chainsaw). I've also 
emailed the developers to ask if they would consider dual licensing it 
for Apache, but have heard no reponse at this stage.  If there is an 
Apache-friendly license that does the same thing, please let me know.

[1] - http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/
[2] - http://wiki.apache.org/old/Licensing
[3] - http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/sandbox/vfs/
[4] - http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/index.html
[5] - http://jmdns.sourceforge.net/


Paul Smith

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