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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: latest build.xml
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 23:14:07 GMT

> When you say chainsaw could d/l those extra jars, which jar files are 
> you referring to? For instance, to use DBReceiver, you also need the 
> appropriate driver for your databasae system. Surely, we cannot 
> provide these drivers through webstart. The same is true for 
> JMSReceiver. To run JMSReceiver, you need the JMS API (the interfaces) 
> but also the client-side implementation. Again, we cannot provide the 
> client-side implementation through web-start.
No, we certainly can't download the driver jars.  They would have to be 
placed in the plugin directory by the end user. 

> Agreed. My point is that if extra jar files are needed and cannot be 
> provided automatically, then the user experience will be worse than 
> the situation where you plainly state that webstart is not suitable 
> for DB and JMS Receivers.
Not if the GUI is written well enough that clearly shows what else is 
needed to be done etc.  The *non*-webstart version of Chainsaw will 
still need these driver jars, and the user will need  to  do something 
by hand, I'm just trying to make that experience easier.  Right now BOTH 
webstart and non-webstart versions of Chainsaw are "not suitable for DB 
& JMS Receivers" as you put it because of the extra work by the end 
user.  I don't want to provide to the community a product like Chainsaw 
that cannot take advantage of all of the Receivers.  In a true 
enterprise environment, JMS & DB logging is going to be used a lot, so 
why have Chainsaw as a 2nd class citizen?  If we provide good 
documentation (sadly lacking currently, but a goal of mine), then having 
all Receivers work shouldn't be an issue.

Webstart has it's advantages in that it can be deployed more simply, can 
receive easy updates

I'm not saying it's going to be _easy_, I'm just suggesting that it's a 
worthy goal for us.  If something was not developed because it was at 
risk of being a source of bugs, then I wonder whether we'd develop much 
at all.



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